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Arena Hours & Prices

Youth Night

Every other Saturday Night from 6pm – 10pm
(10 – 15 Years Old)

Check the calendar for the complete schedule.



Includes Rifle, Mask, Field Fee, and 1000 BBS


BattleCat Sports’ Airsoft Tactical Training Center is the first 100% dedicated military, law enforcement, and public tactical training center in the state of South Carolina. The 10,000 square foot force-on-force close quarters combat training facility was designed by a team of military, law enforcement and airsoft enthusiasts to produce the most realistic and challenging experience possible.

The training facility features a “downtown business district” environment complete with buildings, streets with vehicles, alleys and other realistic design elements. The buildings include a bank, convenience store, office complex, house, and industrial areas. Each building is furnished with the appropriate furniture, accessories and clutter to complete the realistic nature of the experience. Additionally, there are multiple starting points, entry points, hallways and alleys to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the SWAT-style scenarios conducted in the facility. Typical scenarios include Robbery in Progress, Hostage Rescue, Bomb Defusal, VIP Escort, Safe House Raid, Force-on-Force Team Elimination, and our favorite Last Man Standing Elimination. Do you have the skills to survive?