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Arena General Retail Shop
Do you sell parts?

Yes, we do sell replacement and upgrade parts.

Do you repair more than just guns?

Yes, we also repair grenade launchers and grenades.

My gun shoots above the arena limit; can you downgrade my gun?

Yes, however we only downgrade AEG Rifles. We offer this service for free for any AEG airsoft gun purchased at BattleCat Sports.

What airsoft guns do you work on?

We work on pistol, rifles, and snipers; as long as they are name brand airsoft guns.

I have a gun with a plastic gearbox can you fix it?

Sorry but we cannot repair guns with plastic gearboxes; because of the quality of the gun and the inability to get replacement parts for them.

Can you upgrade my airsoft gun?

Yes, we can do upgrades on brand name airsoft guns.

Do you repair airsoft pistols?

Yes, but we only offer repairs for Green Gas Blow Back airsoft pistols.

I found an airsoft gun that looks like one of the airsoft guns you sale but for less money; what is the difference?

Great question; sometimes it can be extremely difficult to make a buying decision based on pictures and bogus reviews. This is why BattleCat Sports has created the Airsoft Buyers Guide. Not only will it help you find the perfect airsoft gun for you but also prevent hours of research, frustration and disappointment.

Do you sale gift cards and arena passes?

Yes; we do offer these at a minimum price of $25.00 per pass or gift card.

Will you match a price that I saw somewhere else?

We will not match prices because of the quality of service we provide is above and beyond other airsoft retailers.

Are the prices in your store the same as your online prices?

Yes, unless otherwise noted as an “online special only.”

I saw a gun online but you do not carry it, why?

BattleCat Sports is not a mega store – unlike other stores that sells everything regardless of quality; here at BattleCat Sports every product is handpicked and goes through a rigorous process. Then it is player tested and BattleCat approved.

What is the difference between your in-house warranty and a manufactures warranty?

When you choose BattleCat Sports not only do you get a great gun but you also receive our in-house service department. Unlike other companies that push you off onto the manufacturer; BattleCat Sports stands behind our products and will communicate directly with you to ensure any problems are resolved.

Do you ever have sales or special offers?

Yes, the best way to take advantage of our special offers is to join the BattleCat Insiders Club.

What is the minimum age limit to play at BattleCat Sports?

Here at BattleCat Sports insurance dictates that all players must be 10 years old or older.

Is there a place to watch all the action?

Of course; BattleCat Sports has a large easily accessible observation area and a full lounge to relax in.

Does it hurt when you get shot with an airsoft gun?

Unlike the large size of paintballs which may leave bruises; airsoft uses a small bbs that does sting upon impact and may leave a welt. With proper attire airsoft is a fun sport and is insurance approved to be safe for kids 10 and up.

Can we bring food and drink to the public games?

No, BattleCat Sports has a contract with a vending company which provides snacks and drinks on site.

What is FPS?

Feet Per Second is a term used to describe the speed of a bb after being shot.

My airsoft guns shoots higher than your field limit; what are my options?

In this situation you can always use a rental gun, or you can have us downgrade your gun to meet the field limits. However this is not recommended unless you play at our facility on a regular basis.

Why is your FPS limit 330 FPS with .20g bbs?

Unlike other fields; BattleCat is a true CQB field designed by law enforcement and military personnel. With this field design and minimum engagement; insurance states that the FPS of any airsoft gun cannot exceed 330 FPS with .20g bbs.

Why are CO2 pistols not allowed?

Most CO2 pistols are inconsistent and shoot higher than our field limit.

Why is propane banned at your facility?

Due to propane’s strong offensive odor it is not acceptable in an indoor environment.

Can I bring my own airsoft gun?

Absolutely, however all airsoft guns must shoot under 330 FPS with .20 gram bbs.

How large are the lockers?

12wx18dx48h; which gives you plenty of room to accommodate an airsoft rifle and a gas pistol.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, you may bring your own equipment but it will have to be inspected to ensure it meets our safety requirements. Please keep in mind that all equipment must be able to fit in your assigned locker.

Why are you so strict about which facemasks are BattleCat approved?

Due to our intense field design insurance dictates that every player must have a closed seal one piece face mask that covers eyes, ears and teeth. The best way to test your mask is to simply try to push a bb through any openings on the mask. If the bb passes through the mask it is not BattleCat approved.

What clothes should I wear?

Closed toed shoes are required and we also recommend long sleeve shirts and long pants.

Do I need to make reservations?

Reservations are not required but we recommend making a reservation as it is the only way to guarantee a spot in the arena. Without a reservation the arena is offered on a first come first serve basis.

What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a fast growing sport that is similar to paintball but with less mess, less expense and a more realistic experience. Airsoft can be used for target practice, competitive gaming and tactical training. Not to mention it also builds character and accountability.

Are there any other BattleCat Sports locations?

Not at this time although others have used parts of our name and similar logos, but there is only one true BattleCat Sports.

How can BattleCat Sports help my fundraiser?

BattleCat Sports would be glad to sponsor an event with a percentage of the proceeds going to your organization. Contact us for more details.

I’m driving a long way; what else is there to do in Anderson?

Anderson has a lot to offer including museums, spas, restaurants, shopping and a whole lot more.

Do you repair airsoft guns?

Yes, we do repairs but only on name brand airsoft guns. For more information please visit our Service Department.

Does BattleCat Sports offer Police/Military discounts?

No, we already support the law enforcement and military through training and other charitable donations such as the Wounded Warrior Project.

Does BattleCat Sports buy or sell used guns?

No, BattleCat Sports only deals with new name brand airsoft guns.

My friend told me you guys…

Over the years we have heard a lot of amazing and exciting stories about BattleCat Sports. Some being true the majority are wrong. Don’t be misinformed; always check our website for current and up to date information or give us a call at the store and speak with us directly.