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Military/Law Enforcement

Force-On-Force Airsoft Training

Finally, A Reality Based Tactical Training Program That Increases Response Time And Improves Decision Making… With-Out the Pain And Added Expense of Sim-Rounds! Over the past decade, military and law enforcement has evolved not only with better weapons, lethal and non-lethal, But also advancements in body armor and tactical gear just to name a few. One of the biggest improvements in force on force training is airsoft reality based training. This allows you as a trainer to run real life scenarios with a non-lethal end result. With our indoor urban environment and advanced airsoft training weapons you have access to just about any scenario you can imagine!

-Traffic Stops
-Hostage and Negotiations
-Bank Robbery
-Terrorist Attack
-Drug Raids
-Domestic Violence
-Cordon and Search

The 10,000 square foot force-on-force close quarters combat training facility was designed by a team of military, law enforcement and airsoft enthusiasts to produce the most realistic and challenging experience possible.

Your visit includes access to the briefing room and armory which is loaded with the newest airsoft training gear. (M4 rifles, M9 pistols, AK 47 rifles, shotguns and police style training pistols)

The training facility features a “downtown business district” environment complete with buildings, streets with vehicles, alleys and other realistic design elements. The buildings include a bank, convenience store, office complex, house, and industrial areas.

Each building is furnished with the appropriate furniture, accessories and clutter to complete the realistic nature of the experience. Additionally, there are multiple starting points, entry points, hallways and alleys to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the scenarios you choose to conduct.

This gives you the ability to run several different scenarios with-out having to drive all over town on multiple days. Most importantly, it enables you to create high stress situations that forces quick decision making and response time! This allows you to instantly see critical life threatening mistakes – stopping this bad behavior immediately!

We offer several airsoft reality based program options, pricing depends on the number of participants and the level of BattleCat involvement. We even have actors available to ensure the most realist experience available.

As a trainer you owe it to your team and their family to ensure the best possible training experience and lifesaving technologies available. Let us help you make your next training a success!

Call us today (864) 964-0167 to schedule your next training event.