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Gear Up At BattleCat Sports Pro Shop And Then Experience Real Urban Airsoft Combat!

Full Service Pro Shop

-Entry level to competition grade Airsoft Guns.

-Awesome selection of tactical equipment, gear and accessories.

-Professional maintenance, upgrade and repair services.

-Shooting range to test fire and chrono your AEG or GBB.

-Airsoft consultants on hand to service all your airsoft needs.

-Open on Wednesday through Saturday from 10am until 6pm and on Sunday from 1pm until 6pm.

Airsoft Tactical Training Center

-10,000 square foot force-on-force close quarters combat training facility.

-Designed by a team of military, law enforcement and airsoft enthusiasts to produce the most realistic and challenging experience possible.

-“Downtown business district” environment complete with buildings, streets with vehicles, alleys and other realistic design elements.

-Multiple starting points, entry points, hallways and alleys to maximize scenario impact and effectiveness.

Battlecat Arena Hours

Brands We Carry