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Why Buy

Tired of Broken Guns and Empty Promises? Discover the BattleCat Difference!!!

At BattleCat Sports we are not a super store nor do we want to become one. Every product is handpicked and goes through a rigorous selection process. It is then player tested and BattleCat approved. Not to mention, all products come with a warranty and all airsoft guns have parts available for repair. Unlike other companies that hide behind their website and answering machine; BattleCat Sports stands behind our products and will communicate directly with you to ensure any problems are resolved. We look forward to helping with all your future buying decisions.


More reasons to shop at Battlecat

We are a legitimate business-not some kid in his parent’s basement or fly by night foreign entity. Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with you.

Brick and mortar store since 2005

We are a legitimate business-not some kid in his parent’s basement or fly by night foreign entity. Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with you.

Live operators

Yes, we have an airsoft consultant to answer your questions between the hours of 10am-6pm Wednesday thru Saturday and 1pm-6pm on Sundays EST.

BattleCat Warranty

Even when manufactures denied existing issues and did not honor their warranty; BattleCat Sports stepped up and did the right thing by correcting the issues and taking care of our clients.

We are not a superstore

Here at BattleCat Sports we refuse to carry every product from every manufacture due to the fact that not every product will meet our standards. This allows us to limit our selection to only the top quality airsoft products.

Only brand name airsoft guns

We will sell only airsoft guns that come with a manufacturer’s warranty; if they cannot back their product with a warranty why should we.

We only sell brand name airsoft guns that have replacement parts available.

Ongoing Support

Our service does not stop after the sale; we are fully committed to helping you understand how to operate, maintain and extend the life of your new airsoft gun.

Player tested- BattleCat Approved

Every year we spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours testing and hand picking the products that we sell. This will not only save you time and money, but also assures you of a quality product.

No commissioned sales people

At BattleCat Sports all airsoft consultants are paid hourly; not by how much they sale. This prevents a slick sales person from selling products that are not in your best interest.

Choice for military and law enforcement

BattleCat Sports is proud that our military and law enforcement has chosen us for their training and airsoft needs.

We are human

Yes, here at BattleCat Sports we occasionally do make a mistake, but when we do- we are the first to admit and correct it.

Professional and knowledgeable staff

Every airsoft consultant is trained to help you improve your game though finding the right airsoft gun for your playing style. They can also help you choose the optimal gear for your position to enhance your game.

In house service department

Unlike other stores that push you off to the manufacturer when a problem occurs; we handle all warranty issues in house….so rest assure, you will be dealing directly with BattleCat…this not only saves you return shipping but also get you back on the field faster!